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  • System design
  • Project management
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Installation & Servicing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Plant operation
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GRT WaterCare International Pty Ltd (GRT) is an Australian wastewater treatment company, primarily set up to treat waste streams too problematic to be researched by the major wastewater companies due to the effort and profit margins needed to identify correct treatment solutions.

Our Gravitational Revolution Clarifier (GRC) uses natural forces and environmentally friendly reagents, to produce safe discharge for reuse or into the environment.

Full support and service 24 hours/day (through remote monitoring) provides confidence to our clients, along with our comprehensive maintenance programme that comes with every full system contract and installation.

The process can operate as a zero-discharge treatment system, separated liquid (supernatant) to be recovered back into the industry and discharged solids (sludge) for composting / gasification / other.


The primary treated influent is discharged as Supernatant within the clients’ targets, to reduce discharge costs into the sewer system and /or prevent government prosecution by recycling back into the factory. In addition, we reduce many other soluble and insoluble contaminants that are not currently measured by government that also can impact the environment. By making simple adjustments / modifications, most notably in the chemistry, the system becomes extremely flexible in its purpose.

The effectiveness of the system is shown through the Mobile Treatment Rig (MTR) [on a smaller scale]. To determine the potential results attainable using our system, we would require a complete [independent laboratory] analysis of your current wastewater.

In addition to a permanent wastewater treatment plant, depending on the availability and feasibility, we can quickly set up our Mobile Treatment Rig (MTR) for emergency and/or short term solutions, or even in addition to pre-existing systems already in place.”


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